Customized Aquatic Programs for Anyone with a Disability
What is the "Aqua Abilities Approach"?

Aqua Abilities is an innovative, interactive, hands-on program developed by Cathy Sim, swim instructor, lifeguard and adapted aquatic coordinator. She has decades of working with and observing caregivers, parents and pool staff struggling with children and adults in the pool. Cathy has created a program that, when in the water becomes a powerful tool for introducing people with disabilities to the wonderful world of aquatics.

Everyone should be able to experience the "freedom" that water can offer. Standing, walking, floating with little to no help or total relaxation may be impossible on land, but can be a reality when in an aquatic setting. It's a great place to take the “dis” out of disability!!

When in the water you become very buoyant, taking pressure of the spine, hips, knees and ankles, relaxing the body. The water can also offer a form of fitness, depending on the activities you plan on doing. When submerged, it can be a very calm and peaceful place.

We teach alternative ways to help you set up safe, fun swimming adventures that will be suitable for your client or family member. By thinking "outside the box" and using a variety of buoyant equipment, we create exciting programs for anyone with a disability. This is also a place where you can share your ideas about what works or doesn’t work in other words, we can brainstorm together!!

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"Miracles in the Water"
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