Customized Aquatic Programs for Anyone with a Disability

The Aqua Abilities Approach is mainly an in water program that teaches the skills and tools that make water play for children and adults with a disability safe and fun. Each session is unique, as it's created with the specific needs for the people that will be participating.

The program usually consists of a combination of the following:
  • How to set up an adapted aquatics program
  • Life Skills ie: How to use the lockers & showers
  • Alternative swimming instructions
  • Safely entering and exiting the water
  • Pool safety
  • Transition from shallow to deeper water
  • Instruction with a client/family member or without a client/family member
  • Program Planning
  • Hands-on role play techniques ie: How to safely hold your client when in the water
  • New things to do with old equipment
  • Fun with Songs and Games
  • How to use available equipment at the pool
Training is available for Pools, Schools, Care Givers, Adult Activity Centres & Families
  • Private, Semi-Private and Group Sessions
  • Dry Land Lectures
  • Full Workshops
"Miracles in the Water"
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