Customized Aquatic Programs for Anyone with a Disability

A Young man;
When I first started to take this young man to the pool he would go into the big pool and maybe do two laps by himself (He does know how to swim) if there was no else near him in the pool. He now takes the challenge and goes over to the lap pool and does four laps front crawl and on his back too with no problem and he enjoys meeting the people that are swimming there too. This is all thanks to you Cathy for giving him the encouragement and showing me how to bring forth and help him to blossom more of his swimming ability.

Thank you.

Staff working for an association

A woman;
The benefits I can see that this lady has experienced is over the top. She loves to go into the water and have fun. She has wanted to learn more in the pool, but was scared to try anything new as she had a bad water experience at a water slide a couple of years ago. She would always say no to any suggestions that I made before to try something new in the pool. By taking small progressive steps with your instructions teaching me to teach this woman there has been great progress in her swimming ability. Now when we enter the pool area she goes to the bin where the buoyancy belts are and picks out hers and mine. We have progressed from the smaller family pool to the big pool where her friends are swimming laps. She is so proud of herself and I am excited and proud of her too.

Thank you, Cathy for making a miracle in the water difference in another person's swimming experience.

Staff working for an association

Happy to have learned about the buoyancy belt. Thank-you so much Cathy, very informative and passionately approached!!

Drew Cochrane - Revelstoke, B.C.

I can't wait to try out all the new, fun and innovative techniques Cathy has taught us.

Debra Logan - Revelstoke, B.C.

The techniques taught today are not only useful to help children with disabilities but useful techniques to help my daughter love the water.

Lynsey Waterhouse - Revelstoke, B.C.

Cathy taught my young daughter to swim many years ago. Over the years, I have watched Cathy's prowess of lifeguarding and teaching swimming and have witnessed the passion for her new customized programs for all people with disabilities. Cathy has a unique gift of helping others which speaks for why we first developed our friendship. Her deep caring for people, especially those who have disabilities and her desire to help those trying to help people with challenges has led her to this place. Cathy was instrumental in bring forward some of the first programs designed to help introduce the pool to people of all ages and abilities. How wonderful that people now have the opportunity to experience the magic and freedom of water in a safe and fun way through Cathy's programs.

Patricia Irwin - Parent, Friend & Supporter - Vernon, B.C. Canada

"Miracles in the Water"
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